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Procurement Strategy perfect warm warm accessori.

The length of the style only to the wrist is the most classic and most practical style evening dress . This season's short section of inlaid precious stones dazzling glove, the wild leopard, wild rough rivets decorate your fingers. With the mysterious and sexy lace, or the tough jacket, neutral-smoking equipment, can you escape from the crowd. 
Described above shall gloves with long sleeve, sleeveless shirt or cloak all seem perfect, and a short section of motorcycle gloves and just right to control the length of the cuff, which makes half the length of stop arm gloves and long sections appear some embarrassment. Fortunately, in this season's runways, to put the inventive masters long section of the glove-like transformation into grandmother sleeve style, so a fifth of the long section immediately to a new image by others. 
Nude color with a good visual effect is to extend the body line.When you encounter such a camel coat with the color dresses  of the glove, your arm will be to build the line was thin and slender. 
1. If you have thick, please give up the long arm to the elbow, and knitted material models, they will only make your arms look like Transformers. 
2. Last year, revealed that popular in the streets has been exposed this year's mini-paragraph refers to the long section replaced.Also, if your fingers short and pithy, so that style should not be exposed in the inside of your Shopping List, we need to cover the shortcomings! 
3. You can enjoy using gloves to play the trick of color hit, but other parts of the body must correspond with the gloves.
Scarves as the most common fall and winter is the most practical single product, our season has been dominated by an important position in the Shopping List. In this quarter, last year's smash hit of the retro style of the small square has been bold outline of the nomadic style shawl replaced by large tracts of beautiful evening dress fur shawl collar that condensed into the neck of a beautiful fur scarf. In addition, as the highlight of the season knitwear, rich Nordic-style diamond pattern, reindeer, snowflake jacquard pattern is to be said for hot attraction. 
The tide of environmental protection in low-carbon lifestyle, this season's fur scarf from the elegant to the simple and practical.Material on the multi-purpose artificial fur, hair should be short, soft and light texture to be enough, this is the autumn and winter you should choose the style. The gorgeous fur and will not fade style is simple and, on the contrary with the knitting, and keeps a small shed or when the suit jacket with even more refined and elegant back. 
You can put it out around the high collar knitting, vintage Sauvignon both warm and heavy. You can also put it suits matched, not only in and out of heavy neutral taste, and will enhance the exquisite degree. 
Needless to say, the high collar is one of this season's trend, but the high collar of the visual effects do not have high-collar shirt can be achieved, the high thermal coefficient of knitting neck of rough sets can mix and match the same color knitting, to create a gradient effect of the high collar, you can also mix and match with other materials, for a time in Europe and America has become the new darling of street shooting up to the people. 
Nordic style dress snow, reindeer, and so the shape of the diamond lattice jacquard knit for this season's event in a painted. Coarse knitting jacquard with people from the alpine zone from the heart to feel warm. If you like pure color, then the thick braid knitting compiled a large flower decoration style is your choice. 
1. Shoulders or neck, short thick woman please Do not try to shape the nomadic style shawl, it will enlarge your shortcomings. 
2. This season, please uphold the fine to buy fur scarf, light spirit, do not choose hair too long or too large size of the models. 
3. Jacquard is really a very stylish Scandinavian style, but please note that your scarf and knit tops so as not to appear the same elements. 
This season the simple wave of thousands of people will inevitably produce a sense of dull side, but fortunately the nomadic style, uninhibited to bring a new visual experience. Printed long dress covered in a style outside the rough, loose style cape, you can wrap the head, or casually ride in the shoulder, easy to create a luxury nomadic style. 
Large grid lines appear simple and elegant dresses , the design of the formation of large natural folds and drooping tassels to the nomadic style to an extreme.

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election season

Although the 10:30 of the Grand Palace, filled with people, including a live orchestra of up to 80 people, Chanel romantic pink is the new evening dress series in memory of the early morning quiet was like a garden. KarlLagerfeld seems to be saying, let young designers to influence the trend, or define it as their ideal woman, Chanel would prefer no changes at all. The good news is the return of the classic elements does not mean conservative, not only for the proportion of the delegation seemed old-fashioned skirt, sleeveless dress but kind of girl to Yebian innocence. Many fabrics used the cover-up, seen from afar like a classic tweed coat is actually woven by the pink ribbon, round profile look under the gray Skirt decorated with countless silver thread. Ubiquitous soft feathers to more lightweight suits and skirts, sometimes in black crepe jacket sleeve, and sometimes transformed into a flesh-colored feather skirts, the models walked wearing it almost to flutter. 

And, like Chanel, Chloé's charm is that she does not intentionally pursue fashion, on the contrary, in the first two quarters of abandoned jeans and cape common after, Hannah MacGibbon approachable flesh-colored ballet skirts and low-heeled shoes with the so-called fashionable intentional maintained a certain distance.And, like Lagerfeld, SarahBurton charge of Alexander McQueen's first series to craft words: leaf-shaped black leather, iris-shaped heels, like algae Uganda yarn, evening dresses and hundreds of butterfly wings and chicken feathers. Right-hand man during his lifetime as McQueen, Burton has a dexterity comparable to McQueen hands, next, whether she needs to prove that she has the latter's mind. 

Appears in the Hussein Chalayan, the design maturity refers to the "know what you want, and have the ability to put its best." The phrase used to describe the asymmetry of Yohji Yamamoto dress just the right drape. Chalayan will be held next year, I have three solo, so he chose to touch up early in the season some of the design is not surprising. Named as the "floating body" of a few works - Curve vest and round cut shorts, really have the feeling of floating above the body. 

In the earlier period of the visit, Rick Owens also expressed the mentality of peace and maturity: Shengge every night through the years, he admits have become accustomed to going to bed early.Changes in the age gave him the number reflected in the opening of several lime white and black cotton skirt (with rounded hem of the shirt or leather vest), although the model's makeup is the first plug "antenna" alien alien , but she has removed the heavily armed, clothing is also softened the surface. 

Maison Martin Margiela show on the "card installed" At first glance nothing more than grandstanding for the absurd, but valuable is the founder leaving the young design team has retained the imagination dress, and courage to occasionally play a prank. In fact, from another angle like, Margiela coat and two-dimensional square shirts may be justified. Taking into account the status of fashion - shows in sync upload photos, live online video conference, it has been used to enjoy graphic pages fashion, clothing design also did not back the meaning of existence? 

VS sensational performances of the audience hard brand 

Fashion Week one of the middle of the afternoon, normally a quiet elegance of the Place Vendome was almost from the movie "Twilight Love" captured the hearts of Audrey Hepburn Gary Cooper in that room Ritz hotel suite looked out of the scene, like noise a parking lot. 

A group of women are foot five inches high heels, strode rush Giambattista Valli of the conference, hours before the debut of Giles Deacon's EmanuelUngaro served as editor and street shooting model idol Anna Dello Russo were the remains of the season on the show Tymoshenko pan head style braids, her appearance in the show field to waiting photographers at the entrance to each group suddenly went crazy. Fashion show has not started off the reality show is the first step: out of date before wearing giant shoulder dresses Leigh Lezark, set uniform after wearing Worth Dello Russo, not far from there is unknown corset appeared with the boy in broad daylight - - make people crazy fast fashion. 

In some series, easy to see that designers are calculated to appeal to the audience on a crazy show. Givenchy leopard vest and black tulle skirt will undoubtedly cover the Jak & Jil's blog for the amazing traffic, Riccardo Tisci designed to meet a group of superficial people's desire for stylish, but could not make, including "The New York Times "The critic Cathy Horyn, including satisfaction, Horyn, criticized Tisci in the season not enough heart.French shirt sleeves to the first as the starting point, Victor & Rolf again the stage for dramatic fashion. Although the doll pink and powder blue jacket (sleeves decorated with as many as 3 to 4 cuff) likely to create maternity horrible Lenovo, but asymmetrical cut dress or a shirt front of the camera can help you to compete in the high dress next. 

Why "American Idol" will be echoed in the opening song over the conference, Miu Miu? Prada in a series of relaxed after the humor, Miuccia Prada regain intellectual style, will be directed at the reality show, five-pointed star with a naive, flowers and love satire patterns of people compete for fame. Thin belt tied rigid form of long-sleeved dress, accompanied by Art Nouveau style of the stars and the dark red paint quality is even more bizarre after, together with the box cut in the tacky leather walking along the edge - this is the Prada eyes of the secular Could taste 

If we say good taste, Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermès riding in the swan song is absolutely perfect equipment synonymous with style, but in the end of Paris Fashion Week, was deliberate bad taste prevailed. LouisVuitton, Susan Sontag in "" Camp (Camp) "Notes" article mentioned in the contrived and exaggerated by Marc Jacobs style with Chinese style in the form of out. Cheongsam open high panties, dragging fringed handbag, Monogram pattern lace fringed skirt fans and neon color reproduction a new era World of Suzie Wong, red and purple like a dream, containing a foreigner Oriental aesthetics guess. Of course, you could have said that the panda is China's installed customer's flattering, but Marc Jacobs for what happened last season does not matter, because the next season's Vuitton girl dresses will always be different. 

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retro melt into your life

Of course, good evening dress shoes are essential. Watching movies, eating, dating stress is an atmosphere, so the choice of shoes, can not be too exaggerated, to be dignified, but also bring the best out of your charming little woman. Then ST & SAT expert advice is: bold feminine element. For example, bows, parquet, these girls have a deep color of the element, so that you sexy and generous. 
Details of the shoes on the parquet, the gift to reflect the elegant and feminine at the same time. Of course, choose this with details of the decoration of shoes, the details must be in place, and can withstand scrutiny, so afraid of close contact with his friends. ST & SAT in this series, twisting flower  details are meticulous, and changes in the color of the edge parquet, emphasizing the shape of flowers, but also highlight women's unique charm. 
Pussycat Dolls sexy party 
Company anniversary, can not dress better than the boss unassuming, little sister do not want to lose out by the office, how to grasp the degree of it? Expert advice is that small skirt dress with a wonderful dress accessories. The choice of accessories is a bright spot, it can be uniquely designed long necklace, or a stylish version of the full width of bracelets, but not avoid piling up, because you are not exhibits. 
The choice of shoes, of course, might exaggerate a little. Short mini skirt with a black suit jacket, stylish and agile, plus a pair of luxury boots, you are a party queen of the. 
Looming red soles, sexy yet subdued the band retro design with the slightest breath of College, even more pure temptation. As a result, only removed a black monotone, but also implied in the sole luxury of publicity. 
Clothes can shape your image, and high-heeled shoes are to wake up your unique charm. Mismatches can be turned into a disaster; with properly, you can spike the audience! 
Saturday (ST & SAT) believe that high heels give women's influence and commitment to wake up every urban women's unique charm. The buyers of their professional team can be the first time the international trend for first-hand information, and then through the professional design team on Saturday, the latest trend information into a unique "Eastern sexy" fashion design to create, and through the professional technician team to ensure that each pair of high heels the best comfort. 
Such as those focused crafted in every detail, so that Saturday shoes (ST & SAT) has become every urban women now the most trusted fashion dresses advisor.

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5 strokes you make like a woman as elegant Audre.

More elegant beautiful and cheap evening dresses from
1, do not blindly follow trends, find their own style 
Audrey Hepburn let you feel the elegance from the first glance, all this from her aesthetic taste. Givenchy dress and Tiffany jewelry has become almost a symbol elegant Audrey Hepburn. 
Hepburn's son Sean in the biography written for the mother said: "the mother, the style of the extension means an inner beauty, from the love of life and respect for others, hope in mankind. Until today , the mother is still the idol of many to follow the trend, this is because she found the most suitable for their own image, and adhere to a lifetime. She has never been a follower of trends, her style is an extension of her human principles. " 
2, the attitude of humble 
On the side of all the humble attitude is a source of inner joy and grace. Itself as one of the most ordinary people, are harvested each point as a surprise, humility will be your most charming quality. 
3, concentrate on work and maintain good evening dresses karma 
There is no doubt that Hepburn was a star, but that she is a professional and not an identity. Focus on the work of Hepburn never put a big star on the shelf, pro-circulated from the inside out the charm and elegance she has a good popularity. 
4, the time Thanksgiving 
People from the heart of the elegant and well-being, but the key to happiness is not having much, but the moment of gratitude. 
Audrey's life is not easy. From childhood, her parents divorced, his father fled to the dancer's dream to become manager of ups and downs, frustration, to the brilliant success, she remains grateful for all this experience. Regardless of how the fate of tease, Audrey does not get depressed, and always dazzling. She always bearing in mind: life itself is a brilliant experience. 
5, to retain a good heart 
Audrey Hepburn later years dedicated to charity. She said: "To live and not live, otherwise it will become blinded to treasure every day. I found that most people live a very shallow, they do not realize, living itself is wonderful dresses."

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Protagonist wardrobe throughout the year, never .

Windbreaker elegant intellectual, and there can be used with any style of clothing, in the fashion evening dressindustry has a "sun" position. Qi coat bare feet, in the long coat, short coat is designed according to the different needs of the practical style. The improved version of the new variety of coat styles have long been based women locked. More elegant cheap evening dresses and fashion in
This is a good windbreaker Slim version, whether it is fabric, color or style is just right, the design of Xie Jin is still lively without losing coat of able, is the highlight of the whole coat. Bag belt tightening effect and active the whole person look easy for a young girl. 
Short, lightweight windbreaker is essential for the improvement of style, ideal for mix and match, so the choice to select a simple style, color to black, white, beige mainly exposed also need to pay more attention to the ride, the color should not be too jump, so as to wear clothing with a short section of the essence of coat, with the overall sense of depth. 
The coat color of blue reflective fabric is very shallow depth that can not be perfect at all reflect the effect of it, with gold buttons completely inspired from the naval uniform. Wide lapel coat adhering to the traditional design style, belt tightening effect can be a very good outline, feminine styles. 
Gray suede windbreaker underlines the old texture, imitation jeans and fringed boots legacy with this coat is the best choice, in the coat's unique sense of freedom on the basis that reflect the wild side this trench coat is the main to interpretation, so do not carries it with a skirt. 
A thin light-colored trench coat can be said that working women can not do without the commute all year round wear, whether you are a professional in the summer with a skirt, or in the autumn and winter with a sweater dress, can easily exudes professional women charm. A beautiful scarf or scarves will warm clothing for the whole body much extra points. 
The use of a thick coat of long coarse fabrics, styles also tend to exercise style, suitable for wearing out of town, with a large bag set off a whole person can be more chic. The half sleeve is designed to conceal big arms good for body fitness sport girl. 
The design of maroon windbreaker is invincible, always distinctive, but the overall effect of a coordinated and unified. Stacked waist design allows the whole person on the lower body to the perfect transition, without a sense of both the level of complexity, a perfect golden ratio can be greatly offset waist split line on the proportion of the female body is not perfect. 
Cape-style coat is also very popular with women respected the popular models, it subverts the ancient coat emphasizes the basic elements of self-cultivation upright. This retro style Victorian ladies to meet all the requirements of men. Should pay attention to the choice of the drape coat, color should not be too boring. 
From top to bottom wrapped up, and the portrait installed in the large black sleeping bag, this style trench coat is a neutral style to attract young girls to pursue. This section is to design simple windbreaker features, fabric crisp, full tooling style fashion evening dresses sense, always stand out in the crowd. 
Beige trench coat trench coat has been the most pleasing of a single product, the Beckhams fabric version of this type in addition to impressive place, the highlight is the orange buttons and cuff design, turning the gray surface of the collar is also very pursuit of the details. This high quality coat with a relatively simple, black dresses  turtleneck sweater and black boots are the best set off its single product. 

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Accessories are not bleak cold of the season has.

Wrapped in thick winter clothes, does not mean the need to drown in the monotonous color evening dress ; a public star escape the shackles of a black and white ash, with accessories to brighten the overall shape, eye-dotting. 
In fact, the same stars and ordinary people, such as Cheryl Cole This black padded body, in life you can find many similar templates. The reason why stars appear in the street shooting in the superior, is because they spend more on accessories mind; So, Cheryl Cole's Lady Dior Tote white bag so that the overall shape is even more refined; eye-catching models Alexander McQueen skull also in a padded ring and bloated feeling. 
With the "cow beauty" (Cow Belles) grew out movie stars and other young actress Alyson Michalka, recently in "Twilight City 3: Lunar Eclipse" (Twilight: Eclipse) premiere repeated occasions to show their taste fairly good shape 
Leather motorcycle models for the function of both the shape and warm, so much of this season favorite in a single product; and Alyson Michalka wristwatch with orange boyfriend to bring a little bit more tough shape overall atmosphere, the choice of bright lines will Let the cold season in a bit of warmth; and, this watch is also very inexpensive dress : Guess the Nitrogen from the series. 
As a true IT Girl, New York, New Beauty Olivia Palermo social circles know that simple is not simple truth, she never arbitrarily choose their own accessories, under carefully selected and refined elegance that comes out naturally. Might like her, secure in just the right mix of necklaces and sunglasses: Christian Dior sunglasses style just carry the brand to follow the motto II Earl of Rochester, "is changing the law of nature, the same number is different"; has always been tough metal lines Mawi necklace to express individuality is added to the lady a touch of punk rock style feel, heavy temperament to create a more dreamy British fashion tone. 
Leighton Meester of this body shape can be described as self-assured: Tory Burch patent leather coat, blue sporty; in the head, legs and hands appear red, three-point line to strengthen the rhythm of color effects; is worth mentioning that Leighton Meester feet Sam Edelman heels of mixed colors evening dresses , and designers, like himself, Sam Edelman shoes always enthusiastic, outstanding personality, but not provocative, no wonder Hollywood actress to win the love of many. 
Mix of people the skill of Dakota Fanning is amazing: Leopard coat wearing scarves coupled with cascading, warm and beautiful dresses; most eye-catching, and really is not Alexander Wang's Rocco Mini Duffle bags, but Ray-Ban Sunglasses 3016 Clubmaster sunglasses this classic single product.

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